The world's first intelligent flow system with real-time data integration for traffic and parking optimization

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Our offer

TAPS enables dynamic traffic management and intelligent parking. Real-time detection of vehicles on roads and parking fields is the solution for traffic relief and smart cities.

With the smart traffic- and parking management system TAPS, LTS AG has the world's first completely new energy self-sufficient ground sensor and precise real-time software that ensure the dynamic detection of vehicles on the road (Smart Traffic) and the stationary detection of objects in parking lots and parking garages (Smart Parking).

How it works

The digital future of traffic

The TAPS sensor detects the object

and transmits the received signal via a proper radio protocol to the TAPS Gateway.

With this associated gateway, the TAPS vehicle detection sensor calibrates itself completely on installation

After processing, the received data is sent directly to the custom infrastructure via the desired interface.

With the user-friendly TAPS Software Suite, the desired data can thus be retrieved, displayed and evaluated in real time.

Our strengths

Easy integration: Wide-ranging application options with virtually any commercially available interface enable easy integration into existing traffic systems like LTE, Wifi and optical interface to copper line.

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Cost-efficiency: The high-quality and low-maintenance TAPS sensor with V4A housing and safety glass is resistant to any weather conditions and provides reliable protection for a period of more than ten years. Together with simple installation, TAPS reduces installation and maintenance costs by up to 50% compared to the induction loop.

Environmentally friendly technology: In addition to reducing CO2 emissions through more efficient and faster traffic flows, the TAPS sensor completely energy self-sufficient. The ground sensor is therefore self-sustaining and does not rely on batteries and accumulators.

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